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Online IT Training Courses is an online learning provider specifically for the modern IT professional and end-user. If you are searching for a straight-forward solution to your IT training needs, look no further than our innovative learning concept.

Forget the previously high-expenses of in-house IT training; you no longer have to waste precious company budget on commuting to education centres or hiring-in external trainers. Learn online using one of our high-end IT training courses at a time that suits you and your organization best.

Your benefits

  • Training courses available online 24/7
  • Learn at a speed that suits you
  • Start whenever you are ready
  • Work from the comfort of a familiar environment
  • Student management incl. progress information*
  • Enjoy rich and varied learning materials (incl. video, cases, practice exams, livelabs, simulations etc.)
  • Up to 80% cheaper than comparable classroom training
  • Widest range of online IT training courses in the world

Like to learn more?

If you would like to have more information about what our unique training concept can mean for you as a student or for your organization:

* Student management is optional. All our courses are available for individual students.

How do our IT courses work?

Our online IT courses couldn’t be easier to carry out. You follow your training entirely online, meaning you can continue where you left off wherever you are…